$1.2m campaign to attract women to plumbing careers

(Picture: twpinc.com)

Master Plumbers is today (Monday 22 November) launching a two-year $1.2 million “Women in Plumbing” program, partnering with the Victorian Government’s Apprenticeships Victoria, to encourage Victorian women of all ages to join the industry and become potential future leaders in the profession.

“The pilot program addresses many of the challenges and barriers that female apprentices face, and it creates a pathway for our  future workforce,” Master Plumbers CEO Peter Daly said.

“Women are being offered fully-paid pre-apprenticeship training and measures to support them at every stage of their plumbing career.

“It is no secret that women are under-represented in plumbing and that action is needed,” Mr Daly said

“The diversity and perspectives that female apprentices bring is critically important to the future of the profession and it is imperative that women have access to a full range of career options.

“Female plumbers bring a different perspective. A different set of skills, different communication styles and that’s good for any industry.

“Unfortunately, for historical and perception reasons, many women think plumbing isn’t a career for them.

“Many women see barriers and challenges. But through this incredible pilot program which is supported by the Victorian Government, Master Plumbers aims to create more role models for women of any age to be inspired by.

Natalie Reynolds, General Manager Master Plumbers is managing the Women in Plumbing program and said: “Women are already succeeding in plumbing, building great careers and loving the work they do.

“Women are running their own plumbing businesses, contributing to Victoria’s multi-billion-dollar infrastructure projects and are doing important work in residential and commercial developments right across the state.

“But there are just not enough of them yet,” Ms Reynolds said.