Good Connecting Program

Good Connecting Program

From the time we’re born to the time we die, nothing will be more important to our wellbeing than the quality of the relationships we form with intimate partners, children, friends, bosses, peers and clients.

Given that we didn’t learn at school about how to establish and maintain healthy relationships, it is not surprising how challenging it can be.

The Good Connecting Program is based on the fact that there are a number of basic principles which can assist in generating greater fulfillment and result in increased sustainability.

Effective relationships require effort over time and understanding the attitudes and behaviours which help or hinder good interaction, can pre-empt conflict arising in the first place and/or resolve it more effectively if it does.

Every relationship is unique but whatever its configuration – traditional nuclear family, same-sex couple, a partnership where one is a FIFO worker, age-old marriage or a brand-new connection, learning how to diagnose issues early enough is key to effective remedy.

The Program can be run via video conferencing and scheduled to suit the timetables of each couple.

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